On the Costa Blanca in Denia - Las Rotas, Spain


Denia is a cosmopolitan city
It offers history, culture, sport,
wild nature, beaches, and much more...
Located between Valencia and Alicante at the Northern part of Costa Blanca,
Denia is well-worth exploring and enjoying.
Stroll through the lively streets of Denia, with terraces, shops, cafes, and buildings of historical interest. Leading off from main streets, explore markets, the Plaza del Convento, the Church of Iglesia de San Antonio and more. Overlooking Denia on a hill above the town is an ancient castle, where you can discover towers, monuments, an Archaeological Museum, and great views out onto the sea and surrounding area.

Denia also has a beautiful old fishermen neighbourhood, Baix la Mar, which is a gorgeous, historic maze of narrow streets, little squares and cosy cafes.


A long sandy beach, popular with the Spanish locals and foreign tourists alike, runs along the town front of Denia and becomes rockier further down the coast. The crystal-clear water invites you for swimming, diving, snorkeling and kite-surfing.


The historic harbour of Denia is buzzing with life, full of exciting and varied boats, and sea-side restaurants. Daily ferries (car access) to Ibiza and Formentera allow easy trips over to these wild and beautiful islands.

Montgo Natural Park

The Montgó mountain and surrounding area, is an impressive Natural Park, with the mountain seeming to rise high from the sea and touch the clouds which frequently crown its peak. The mountain and the forested park below have an amazing wealth of plant and animal life, and the mountain has become a symbol of the great biodiversity of the region.

Walking – Hiking - Biking

Taking different routes around Montgó you can enjoy the local flora and fauna, the panoramic coastal views of the local area, and even the islands of Ibiza or Mallorca on clear days.

Aside from a golf course in Denia at the foot of Mt Montgó, in the area between Valencia and Alicante there are 14 golf courses.

Festivals in Denia

In March, the streets come alive with a religious celebration, filled with Music, Dance, fireworks, and different districts showing their fallas (figures of papier mache).

Santisima Sangre
The festival of Santisima Sangre in July features many events with music and dance, bulls running wild through the streets, and the high point is Correfor, a parade with beautiful parade floats.

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Carrer Lleó 11, 03700 Denia - Las Rotas, Spain
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Open Sky Seminar House
Carrer Lleó 11, 03700 Denia - Las Rotas, Spain
Tel.: +34 691 372 916

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